Seminarios SEM

10 (2013)

Los seminarios

Seminarios SEM Volumen 10: "Conservation of Mineralogical and Petrological Heritage and its Tourism and Cultural Usages", seminario celebrado en Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia, España) el 25 de junio 2013.


Guillén-Mondéjar J, Alías-Linares MA, Sánchez-Navarro A, eds. (2013): Conservation of Mineralogical and Petrological Heritage and its Tourism and Cultural Usages, Seminarios SEM Vol. 10, Sociedad Española de Mineralogía, Madrid, ISSN 1698-5478, 152 p.

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  • Arrufat L. (2013): The beauty microscopic mineral deposits in Southeastern Spain. Seminarios SEM 10, 5-21.
  • Calonge A. (2013): Current state of the Geology Teaching, particulary the cristalography, mineralogy and petrology contents. Seminarios SEM 10, 22-35.
  • Carracedo J.C. (2013): Unique geological values of Mt. Teide as the basis of its inclusion on the World Heritage List. Seminarios SEM 10, 36-46.
  • Lozano R.P. (2013): Moveable mineralogical and petrological heritage: the example of the Geominero Museum (Spanish Geological Survey, IGME, Madrid). Seminarios SEM 10, 47-61.
  • Manteca J.I. (2013): The situation of the Geo-mining heritage in the region of Murcia and mining tourism as a sustainable alternative for its protection. Regional and national Current Status. Seminarios SEM 10, 62-74.
  • Martínez-Frías J. (2013): Meteorites and impacts: Research, Cataloguing and Geoethics. Seminarios SEM 10, 75-87.
  • Mata-Perelló J., Climent F. (2013): Geoparks, a Unesco-Supported initiative for geoconservation and rural development. The Central Catalonia Geopark. Seminarios SEM 10, 88-94.
  • Palero F.J. (2013): The geological singularities of a world-wide patrimony: The giant mercury deposits of Almaden (Spain). Seminarios SEM 10, 95-111.
  • Puga E, Díaz-de-Federico A, Rodríguez-Martínez-Conde JA, Lozano JA, Díaz-Puga MA (2013): The Patrimonial Value of the Betic Ophiolites: Rocks from the Jurassic Ocean Floor of the Tethys. Seminarios SEM 10, 112-129.
  • Guillén-Mondéjar F (2013): The Geodiversity and its Geological Heritage, the legacy of our planet to the humanity. Proposals for the use and management legislation based international and spanish regulations on Geoconservation. Seminarios SEM 10, 130-152.
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